A Dominant's Prayer

Author: Grifter © Sept 1998

used with permission


To the power more powerful then myself, 
I was born in a way that has sometimes left me mystified 
Always reaching to guide those about me 
Needing to know that they are fulfilled before true fulfillment reaches 
in to caress my soul 

I have compromised, in many cases, to allow another to be fulfilled 
Wondering all the while how it is that they can not see me first, as I 
see them 
I have found myself pushing away all, in denial of my need to always 
consider another first 
Needing to be the one to consider others more needy then myself 

The world about me thinks that 
that giving completely is reserved for those 
who submit 
That serving another is not for the "strong" 
How could "they" be so wrong

I love that I am the one who can be turned to
The one to solve a problem
The one to set the direction
The Top
The Dominant

Please help me to remain focussed on this need to walk
to the front
To always stop when a searching soul reaches out for a
hand up
To always be strong enough to pause when all is
To always surge forward when all has stalled
And to give all of me to becoming ALL

Please help me to know when the hand I extend needs to
be soft
When it needs to be harsh
When it is needed to wipe a tear or crush a fear
When it is needed for punishment
And when all that is needed is a hug

Please let my nature push through the world about me
that questions

I am a Dom
I can be no other
Let me be ALL that is right

Grifter (07 September 1998)



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