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Logs for 1999

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Below you will find the links that lead to the logs of old discussion nights. All the logs for discussions held in 1999 can be found from this page. I hope you enjoy them. If you have any comments please email below or use the submission form that is located here

For future topics and the dates they are scheduled for discussion please click here


Learning The Lifestyle (Discussion 1)
December, 1998
Safety (Discussion 2)
January 10, 1999
Power Exchange (Discussion 3)
January 17, 1999
January 31, 1999
What Is Submission (Discussion 5)
February 7, 1999
February 14, 1999
February 28, 1999
March 7, 1999
March 14, 1999
March 21, 1999
March 28, 1999
Edge Play  (Discussion 12 )
April 4, 1999
April 11, 1999
April 18, 1999
April 25, 1999
Toys On A Budget  (Discussion 16)
May 2, 1999
May 9, 1999
Training  (Discussion 18)
June 1999
Safety  (Discussion 19)
June 1999
June 1999
June 27, 1999
August 22, 1999
BDSM On A Budget (Discussion 23)
August 8, 1999


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