What Is Trolling?

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Trolling is the advertising of yourself, or harassment of others in an attempt to find a partner, be it for a real life relationship or just for cyber sex. Trolling can occur in a chatroom, on a mailing list, through email, or through many of the different chat programs such as ICQ. Trolling is not the same as "dirty talk" during a session or scene. The difference between trolling and dirty talk is that when a person is trolled it is not consented to, desired or in any other way wanted. When such talk is used in a session or between two people who know each other, then it is usually wanted, desired and consented to. 

Some view trolling as a minor nuisance, others view it as a form of sexual harassment. No matter how you view it, the vast majority of people consider trolling to be rude, immature and unacceptable. It is not proper "netiquette". 

If a person trolls because they think that is the way to get an encounter online, then they should learn quickly that it isn't. For those who troll, hoping to get a quick cyber sex scene, or email sex slave or dom/me, they will eventually find someone who will comply with their wishes, but in the meantime, they will be alienating most people they contact. 

For those who view trolling as harassment, charges can be brought against the troller. With the right amount of evidence a troller can have their ISP account removed, or their domain banned from chat servers. 

Some examples of trolling are "hey baby wanna fuck?" "I'm going to whip you until you bleed!" "kneel to me" "Wanna play with a real man?" and worse. I have received these, and similar messages during the three years I've been online. 

Most mailing list and chat rooms do not allow trolling. If a person trolls they can find themselves kicked and banned from the list or the chat room. 

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