Submissives/Slaves With Ops

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An op controls the channel. They have the ability to set modes on the channel, kick people from channel and ban a person from channel.

LnR does not discriminate a person from holding ops simply because of thier status as a submissive or slave. Nor do we bias based on gender. An op is granted ops privalege based on thier ability to do the job within the guidelines that the channel manager (AAhhzz) has for ops, their ability to make an intelligent decision and their competence.

Many times we have heard the statements:
 "A submissive/slave who holds ops is topping from the bottom"

 "A submissive/slave who holds ops is above reproach he/she will kick me from channel if I correct them"

 "A submissive/slave who holds ops is in truth a power hungry dom/me in hiding"

"A submissive/slave who holds ops is taking a Man's place"

Those statements are flat out untrue, at least in our opinion. You are entitled to your own opinion, but the subject of slaves with ops will not be argued in LnR. Should you choose to argue that point, you will be asked to stop, referred to the web page, or flat out kicked from channel. This is by order of the channel manager. If you have a problem with channel policy or the way the channel is run, you are free to email the channel manager with your complaint.

Regardless of the presence of gorean formalities in #Leather_and_Roses, the slaves here are given a responsibility and duty to uphold the rules of the home and to provide honorable guests ( Masters, Mistresses, Doms, submissives, slaves or kajirae ) with a warm and comfortable home to visit. To ensure that they can provide this, the slaves are given the ability to perform as an op, when necessary, to enfore the rules. As in reality responsibility must always be coupled with the ability to perform a task and here in LnR it is. This authority allowed the slaves is based more on a realistic assesment than on any online interpretation of Gor. In reality many submissives and slaves are given a great deal of responsibility by their owners/dominants. These can include such things as the household budget, assisting in running a business, paying bills and much more. Just because a person is a submissive or a slave does not mean they are less intelligent or capable than a dominant. As in reality, submissives and slaves in LnR can be, and are, given the responsibility of channel operator status by AAhhzz.

If you really firmly believe that a submissive or a slave can not do a good job as an op, then you will want to find another channel to call home. If not, then come on in and make yourself at home!!




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