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   An op controls the channel. They have the ability to set modes on the channel, kick people from channel and ban a person from channel.

LnR does not discriminate a person from holding ops simply because of their status as a Free Person, Dominant, slave or submissive. An op is granted ops privilege based on their ability to do the job within the stringent guidelines that the channel has for ops, their ability to make an intelligent decision and their competence. The channel ops are listed below, and can be messaged at any time for information if needed.

@AAhhzz @Roamer
@LordDarkDrgn @Lar^ (Sodos)
@Qryz @EZRiser
@AleisterBlacke @Shadow`Knight
@Rare`Vos @Dark_Ranger
@Fire-Soul @Justasien
@Resitor @^Guil
@raven{Az} *first girl
@kit`iara{^G} *second girl

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