Criteria To Be Met For An LnR Collar

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In order to keep LnR a channel that is home to people who enjoy the lifestyle in real life (or want to enjoy it in r/l) we have set some qualifications that must be met before an LnR collar will be granted to a slave. These criteria are being put in place to ensure that LnR does not become a drama den and to help us provide the best support and training to those who truly wish it.


  1. the slave must have been a part of LnR for at least 30 days
  2. The slave must write an essay answering the following three questions
    • What is a slave?
    • Why do you wish to be a slave?
    • Why do you wish to be an LnR slave?
  3. The slave must be at least 21 years of age
  4. The slave must attend at least 5 training sessions under either raven{Az} or ayli{Kil}
  5. The decision to grant a collar to a slave will be made by vote of all channel operators.







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