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Collaring is when a dominant and a submissive make a commitment to each other. It is sort of like a wedding ceremony where, instead of rings, a collar is placed on the neck of the submissive. 
On IRC many take a collar very seriously, others take it not so seriously. A collar is not something to be taken lightly, not in reality and not in cyber. By accepting the collar of a dominant you are saying you commit yourself totally to this dominant. Normally when a submissive is collared on IRC he/she is untouchable by another dominant, and will lose their collar if they are caught playing with another online. Also remember that when a collar is placed it can cause the submissive's emotions to strengthen and can cause some real emotional distress and psychological harm if this bond is abused. A collar is a serious thing in real life. To me, it is just as serious online. 

a few basic reminders surrounding collaring are below: 

1: Make sure you know the dominant or submissive well. Again, this takes time. Don't rush into anything just because everyone else has one. 

2: discuss your expectations surrounding the collar before offering or accepting one 

3: Know within yourself, what a collar means to you. If the collar you are being offered does not meet that criteria then it's a good idea not to take it. and vice versa. 

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