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blackrose{LnR} is the channel bot for #LnR-pens. This page provides kajirae with a listing of the commands that blackrose will respond to. You may want to bookmark this site and check back often for new commands as this page will be updated whenever new things are added to blackrose.

All command words that are preceded by an !, @ or other mark must be entered with the punctuation mark in place or the bot will not respond. For example, to get the description of the Main Hall of the channel, you must type !MHall.


Channel Descriptions:

  • !Mhall
  • !alcoves
  • !mantle
  • !hottub
  • !ducky
  • !subden
  • !Tapestry
  • !shadowborne
  • !trophy
  • !harp
  • !games
  • !chain
  • !boat
  • !web
  • !kitchen
  • !rose
  • !slave furs (with or without the space)
  • !ravenscorner
  • !dragns stars
  • !rules
  • !slave rules

Op Descriptions

  • @Qryz
  • @Lar
  • @AAhhzz
  • @AB
  • @Loch
  • @Fire-Soul
  • @Guil
  • @Justasien
  • @RareVos
  • @Rare`Vos
  • @James^
  • @Jedda
  • @SirWit


Slave Descriptions

  • !mizu
  • !raven or !raven{Az}
  • !ayli
  • !myala
  • !katterina or !rina
  • !kiti or !kiti`ara{^G}
  • !tory
  • !blackrose



  • !karta
  • !nadu
  • !tower
  • !bara
  • !belly
  • !stake
  • !blanket
  • !bound by masters will
  • !bracelets
  • !binding
  • !capture
  • !crawl
  • !common usage
  • !eye contact
  • !gorean bow
  • !submission
  • !knees


Comments / Fun Stuff

  1. Japenese:
      • !bushido
      • !konbonwa
      • !konichiwa
      • !arrigato
      • !itashimashite
      • !okaeri
      • !ohayo
      • !gashi



  • !register Master (registers you as a Master with blackrose)
  • !register Mistress (registers you as a Mistress with blackrose)
  • !register slave (registers you as a slave with blackrose)






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