Victim No More

Author: JackiePA ©2000 all rights reserved

Used With Permission Of The Author

originally posted on A True Rose




Her spirit broken, she feels alone
dead inside, a silent moan,
He ruled her life with a heart of stone
this is the lowest point she's known.

Not aware of a strength deep inside
left untapped, she never tried,
Accepted abuse and bold face lies
let him control, afraid to rise.

Strength comes when in need
for deep inside erupts a seed,
It's filled with hope, the mind it feeds
and heals the heart and soul that bleeds.

At the darkest moment the seed will grow
hope takes root and courage shows,
Strength is found, and this I know
after the storm, soft winds blow.

Believe in yourself, stand don't flee
a victim or victor, which will you be,
The choice is yours, can't you see
you have the power to set yourself free.
Stand up for yourself, women are strong
do what is right, know he was wrong,
Let strength be heard in a triumphant song
I am the victor, the victim is gone.





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