The Interrupted Cycle

Author: Robert "Bo" Golden © 10/29/99

Used With Permission Of The Author(s)



I see you,
Through a thin veil of tears.
I hurt in your fear.
And I wonder what you dream.
So many like you.
Living in that cycle .
Too afraid, to leave it.
So many think they own it.
So many too stagnant to grow.
Bound, not by love.
Shackled, not by respect.
Tied, only by their own feelings,
That they may not deserve better.
That this is all there is.

But my pain,
Inside of yours.
Each bruise you endure,
Burns like salt, in my heart.
Taste of bile in my mouth.
For I have been there,
As a child.
And to my shame,
My greatest crime,
None in my mind, could be worse.
I have marred the beauty,
Of someone's soul.
Someone's heart,
Someone's flesh.
I still pay the price,
For that deed.
Hurting deep, where love abides,
Every time I see someone like you.

I want to save you all.
Love you all.
Hold you in my strength.
Kiss away your tears.
Show you that you are loved.
And worth so much more,
Than you give yourself.

So much life lost.
So much time wasted.
Too many tears shed.
So many dreams shattered.

Find your strength,
Within yourself.
Be your own protector.
Know that you are love.
And worth being loved.
That you are so much more,
"Then the hand that strikes you."
"The voice that taunts you,"
"The words..... you never erase from your heart."
That you are beauty.
You are life.
You are what makes life worth living.
Within your smile.
The embrace of your love.
The kiss from your soul.

I will always be here,
To extend my hand,
When you are drowning.
And pull you from the waves.
I will light a candle, in your darkness.
So you may see your path again.
Then you must find,
Your way from there.
Cobble your on road.
Cause you are worth it my love.
You are worth it.
And there is a way out.
Just love yourself a little more,
And you will find it.


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